• Upon activation of  Vodafone Club Superior , Vodafone Club Extra and Vodafone Club Elite 4 weeks bundles, you can activate the 2GB and 4GB data add on, valid for 28 days.
  • The 2GB and 4GB internet add ons are consumed prior to the standard bundles.
  • In case you have an active internet add on, you can not activate a new internet bundle without consuming the first internet bundle.
  • The registration of the add-on will be successful only in case you have enough credit. In case you have emergency top up service active the amount of credit needed for the bundle activations are as below:

    Add on 2 GB -> 470 Lekё
    Add on 4 GB -> 670 Lekё

  • Internet charging increment will be every 10KB.
  • The bundles will be available till 31 October 2017.
  • These add-ons will not be used while roaming.