Preferred Network
Handset Display 
Mobiltel If you select the preferred network manually you can benefit from lower tariffs M-TEL GSM BG / Mobiltel BG / 284 01 Names vary depending on your device model            
All the below tariffs on the preferred network include VAT
Calls Standard rates RED Roaming
Making a call 300 Lekë/min

When you travel in Europe 500 lekë per day if you have Vodafone RED

Use your home minutes



Receiving a call 156 lekë/min
Sending a text 48 lekë/SMS Use your home texts      
Receiving a text Free


On the phone & laptop 720 lekë/MB Use your home MB

Optional add ons are not part of RED Roaming offer

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Useful tips      

Bulgaria country code +359
You should make sure that Roaming service is activated . If not , it can be activated easily in any Vodafone store by submitting a written request and paying the corresponding guarantees.