Vodafone Club Community

Join Vodafone Club and benefit at a glance:

100 Lekë initial airtime

30% off for 6 consecutive months upon purchase of the 4 weeks bundles Mix , Extra, Superior and Elite .

5GB Internet

To switch your number to Vodafone Club visit your nearest Vodafone shop.

  • Details
    • The promotion is only valid for Club Port-in customers, not new acquisitions.

    • The initial airtime is valid for 12 months.

    • You may not profit from the offer after 6 months following the activation.

    • Once the 4 weeks bundle is benefited the details will remain the same.

    • You are eligible to benefit the discounted 4 weeks bundles only if you have enough credit on your balance.

    • If you have activated SOS credit top up, then you will be eligible to profit the 4 weeks bundles with 30% off only if you recharge with at least 870 Lekë for Vodafone Club Mix, with at least 1,010 Lekë for Vodafone Club Superior and 1,290 lekë for Vodafone Club Extra and 1,570 lekë for Vodafone Club Elite

    • You can get the 5GB Internet bonus only once, upon your first call/SMS/data and will have 28 days of validity.

    • To check the balance of the bundle you can send an empty SMS to 131 or through My Vodafone.

    • If you port-in for a second time, you will not benefit from this offer.

    • Overwriting option will be allowed. You will be allowed to purchase only three 4 weeks with 50% discount per month for 6 consecutive months.

    • The discounted 4 weeks bundles can be purchased through the My Vodafone App, 131 and Vodafone shops.

    • After the 6th month, the above 4 weeks bundles will be purchased with their normal price.

    • Free minutes, SMS and data are not valid while roaming.